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world’s worst/best karaoke song?

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My daughter has chosen the Dark Side

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my grandma told your grandma i’m gonna set your flag on fire

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Thursday, May 3rd


Check out this video of my band Teenage Mysticism playing at the Wind-Up Space in Baltimore. Jana Hunter was in the audience and the stage was set up like the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks…

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Peter Greenaway’s A Zed and Two Noughts  aka ZOO (1985) / the entire, beautiful film on YouTube

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“A queen loses her crown when she loses her virginity. And a queen becomes the bitch when she likes it.”

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David Lynch’s PSA about Littering in New York.


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Just giving out some friendly advice on how one should effectively read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” <3

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Title Sequence of the Day: From tonight’s episode of The Simpsons, an epic Game of Thrones-themed couch gag.




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Check out this video of my band Teenage Mysticism playing at the Wind-Up Space in Baltimore. Jana Hunter was in the audience and the stage was set up like the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks…

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The open-ended narrative of Mulholland Drive, coupled with Lynch’s surreal technique, lends this movie a hallucinatory quality. It makes this scene even more jarring because Lynch’s use of music is so beautiful. At a pivotal point in the film, lovers Betty and Rita visit the ghostly, near-empty Club Silencio. A performer announces “No hay bander”: there is no band. And yet we hear one. Then Rebekah Del Rio performs her Spanish, a cappella version of Roy Orbison’s Crying (renamed Llorando). I have watched this film more times than I’d ever care to admit but Del Rio’s voice, a cloudburst of emotion, always knocks the wind out of me. Any further description of what happens would spoil it for those (shame on you) who haven’t seen it.

David Lynch deploys music in his movies to devastating effect. Ahead of a retrospective, we pick his best statements in sound

Saturday, January 28th

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My response to theamazingatheist’s video on the alleged failure of feminism 

1. On his interpretation of feminism:

He never actually explained his interpretation that feminism focuses on one sex to achieve equality between the sexes. 

2. On his rant about circumcision:

Hey, I’m not into circumcision being forced on newborns or non-consenting children either, but how is that even related to contemporary feminist issues? He acts like women are the ones who invented and decided that circumcision should be a usual practice, which we all know isn’t the case.

3. On his rant about shorter prison sentences for women:

So, because women are allegedly given shorter sentences, they have some kind of privilege? Are you not aware that this alleged privilege doesn’t go beyond white women? Are you not aware that this alleged privilege comes at the price of women being forced to live in a patriarchal society that reduces them to tawdry sex objects, homemakers, and somehow made to think that it’s their fault when they’re victims of sexual assault? Also, I would contend that this is a product of patriarchy. It implies that women can’t be held entirely accountable for their crimes because they somehow have issues thinking through their crimes or something absurd like that. 

4. On his rant about the selective service:

Men having to be the only ones to sign up for selective service is a product of that patriarchy. Patriarchy dictates that men are to be strong. Patriarchy dictates that men are to be fighters. Patriarchy dictates that men are to be made into cannon fodder. 

5. On his final rant about patriarchy:

First off, why is he even referencing wikipedia to begin with?

When he goes off about the patriarchy and how it doesn’t exist today or it doesn’t apply today, I pretty much laughed. Look, what he’s delving into is the paradox of patriarchy, which is that it does come to bite men back in the ass. It reduces men to nothing but mouth-breathing, warmongering, neanderthals, which we all know is a pretty rigid [and horrifying] role to even try to assume. Patriarchy is what dictates that this is what means to be a man, and it corresponds anything outside of that construct as feminine. The constructs of what’s feminine and masculine stems from the patriarchy, which as I’ve pointed out above, is oppressive.

Also, he assumes that patriarchy is an actively controlled thing, which really threw me for a loop. 

His comparison between men hitting women and women hitting men is an issue, that should be addressed because no one should be subject to abuse, but he seems to think that people just dismiss women abusing men for no reason. Do you know why women abusing men is perceived as less severe than men abusing women? Because of the patriarchy. The patriarchy is what dictates that men are impervious, and if you happen to get your ass kicked by a woman, it violates your manhood, which is why that kind of abuse is somehow more acceptable [when it shouldn’t be] and goes unreported to the proper authorities.

Also, what, why are we talking about the funding of breast cancer versus men’s cancer issues? I would contend that women’s cancer issues being more properly funded is a product of patriarchy. It implies that women are poorer than men, thus they need these charities and extra funding to overcome their illness. Plus, women receiving sympathy is a more commonly accepted response because the patriarchy dictates that men are strong, so to give them sympathy is reducing their value as a man. 

The child support thing about men having to pay more had me scratching my head as to what that had to do with anything once again. Men having to pay out more in child support also goes back to patriarchy, that men have all the wealth, that they’re the breadwinners etc.

When he tries to compare the alleged, perilous issues that men face in comparison to women’s issues, I had to laugh. Look, I think it’s great that he thinks that everyone deserves equal rights, but how can he say that when he doesn’t want to recognize that the patriarchy is the real problem? Because, when women continue to be paid less, continue to be treated like objects, and are forced to operate in a system that has institutionalized racism and sexism built into it, his idea that men’s issues are just as severe as women’s issues really falls short. Feminism attempts to bring equality by smashing the patriarchy, which would deconstruct the constructs of what’s feminine and what’s masculine, which addresses all of the inequalities he pointed out.

In short, you can achieve equality through feminism. 

TheAmazingAtheist is absolutely terrible. I can’t stand the guy. Since bbcity and others already did a fantastic job going over the more theoretical aspects of this guy’s blatant sexism and his misunderstandings of the most basic concepts of feminist equality, I thought it might be a good idea to address some factual inaccuracies:

“Domestic violence against men is nearly as common as domestic violence against women”

Wrong. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, domestic violence against women occurs far more frequently and is far more severe. Furthermore, more than 1 in 4 women have reported they’ve been physically assaulted by an intimate partner during some point in their lifetime and women are the victims of intimate partner violence homicides in over 75% of the cases.

“Men are treated unfairly when it comes to child support”

Men typically pay more in child support than women do primarily because women are the care providers and raise the children. After a divorce, men are significantly advantaged when it comes to finances and suffer a far lesser decline in standard of living than women do. Furthermore, the income of women is significantly less than it is of men. Many courts, the majority of which are dominated by males, balance the lesser care men contribute to their children with financial support.

“Men are treated unfairly when it comes to reproductive rights”

Men should not have any reproductive rights when it comes to the decision to have an abortion. It’s not their body. They will never have a uterus or be pregnant. It’s time to move on. Come on.

“It’s only men who have to sign up for the selective service.”

This is not an issue of sexism against men but against women. The U.S. Supreme Court in Rostker v. Goldberg (1981), which considered the issue of the eligibility of women for the draft, ruled that since women are ineligible for combat, they are ineligible for the draft as well. The reasoning behind women being ineligible for combat rests in sexist generalizations about women’s bodies and their physical capacities, namely, that since most women are not as physically strong as men and are built smaller, they shouldn’t be eligible for combat at all. Instead of setting physical requirements for women which would put them on par with men, even those who are as physically strong or stronger than most men, are not allowed to serve. Read the language used. It’s beyond sexist.

“Women are sentenced to 40% less prison time than men”

This is actually pretty exaggerated. For juveniles, girls receive harsher legal treatment than boys for status offenses but somewhat more lenient treatment for more serious offenses. For adults, women appear to be treated more leniently than men at the sentencing stage only. “Overall, they are 10-25% less likely than men convicted of similar crimes to be sent to prison or jail, although the two sexes receive similar terms of incarceration once the decision is made to put them behind bars.” (Barkan, Steven E., Law and Society (2009), pg. 233)

“Men don’t sit around all day looking for ways to discriminate against women”

This guy is missing the point entirely. Sexism and patriarchy are engrained into our very system. In addition to what others have already written, capitalist patriarchy plays a significant role in fundamentally setting up social systems such that women are inherently placed at a disadvantage. From Eitzen, Zinn, and Smith’s Social Problems (2009), to put it in simple to understand terms:

[Marx and Engels] wrote that industrialism and the shift to a capitalist economy widened the gap between the power and value of men and women. As production moved out of the home, the gendered division of labor left men with the greater share of economic and other forms of power.

Macro-structural theories explain gender inequality as an outcome of how women and men are tied to the economic structure of society. These theories say that women’s economic role in society is a primary determinant of their overall status. The division between domestic and public spheres of activity gives men and women different positions of advantage and disadvantage. Their roles in the labor force and in the family are independent. Whether or not they work outside of the home, women do the vast majority of child care and household labor. Men are freed from these responsibilities. Women’s responsibilities for domestic labor limit their association with the resources that are highly valued. Men’s economic obligations in the public sphere assume them control of highly valued resources and give rise to male privilege.

In capitalist societies, the domestic-public split is even more significant because highly valued goods and services are exchanged in the public, not the domestic, sphere. Women’s domestic labor, although important for survival, ranks low in prestige and power because it does not produce exchangeable commodities. Because of the connections between the class relations of production (capitalism) and the hierarchical gender relations of its society (patriarchy), the United States is a capitalist patriarchy where male supremacy keeps women in subordinate roles at work and in the home.

You need to understand the very basics of capitalist patriarchy before you can even begin to understand the rest of gender discrimination because it lays the very foundations for such. This guy says that men have always historically done the vast majority of the work, they’ve been the “bread winners.” The position women were put into was to maintain the home and raise the children. This is labor. This is work, as Marx perfectly described. In actuality, women perform 66% of the world’s work, but receive only 11% of the world’s income, and own only 1% of the world’s land. Furthermore, men may do the killing in war but 90% of all war causalities are civilians and over 75% of such are women and children.

Men really have it tough. Everyone else who contributed to this discussion nailed it.

This is so incredibly detailed/accurate/wonderful. All of it.

Also, fuck that guy.

I want to address this guys lack of understanding on history because it fucking plays into how he lacks an understanding of the present (and it gave me a fucking headache). He claims that men did all the work in history and women did nothing. Work in his mind equals paid labor. Men were being paid more in history than women. Women were wage earners but they were making less than men, if they were getting paid at all. Women also ran the farms, homes, etc. Elite women would have servants and slaves but guess what? It was women who were still cleaning homes, cooking dinner, running farms, etc. It was women who were raising kids, which is a full time job in and of itself. Especially when the average family had about 5 kids. Large families have only started to decline in the 20th century. The work women were doing was not deemed work because they were not getting paid for it. Ironically women still do not get paid to do housework unless they are a maid or nanny. So women’s work STILL goes unnoticed by society. You know which women are doing the majority of jobs in the cleaning industry? Women of Color. Their work is going unseen and undervalued because it is seen as things women do around the house. It is why he doesn’t view the work women did in the past as “work.” 

He then went on to say that class is the real problem. All women weren’t really oppressed; only people who are peasants or serfs are oppressed! Except, you know, most elite women did not have any roles in politics, business, academics, etc. throughout most of history. Yes, we can name a handful of powerful women in history but elite culture was dominated by men. Peasants and serfs who were women got screwed over in different ways than men because they were women. Gender and class always matter. However class oppression does not cancel out gender oppression. 

He asked the question if men were in power why would they create laws, norms, etc. that would fuck them over? Not all men have power. Like he mentioned, elite men had power. Lower class men did not. Elite men create laws, norms, etc. to keep themselves in power and keep others out. 

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